Dr. Thanisch Riesling Feinherb Qba 2014 750ml
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Dr. Thanisch Feinherb Qba Riesling 2014

Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - Germany

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Rated 90 by Decanter
This scarcely sweet, delicate (10 percent alcohol) bottling, largely from the Kueser Weisenstein but incorporating some Lieser Niederberg Helden, refreshingly combines infectiously juicy fresh apple and cucumber with green herbal shadings that lend a cooling cast to the finish - a delightful feature shared with several wines in the present collection. Also characteristic of the Thanisch 2014s is this Kabinett's subtle hint of creaminess. Yet the finish is crunchy and refreshingly sustained, with hints of walnut and wet stone adding intrigue. This is a deftly executed performance, and one that reflects what could be called the Thanisch estate's "deep bench" of talented terroir. (Note that the term feinherb only appears in fine print on this wine's back label.) (Vinous)
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Winery Dr. Thanisch

Varietal: Riesling

Riesling grapes are very rarely blended with others in the development of wines, and for good reason. These pale grapes which originated in the cool Rhine Valley of Germany are notable for their 'transparency' of flavor, which allows the characteristics of their terroir to shine through in wonderful ways. The result of this is a wine which carries a wide range of interesting flavors quite unlike those found in other white wines, finished off with the distinctively floral perfume Riesling supplies so well. Many wineries in Germany and elsewhere tend to harvest their Riesling grapes very late – often as late as January – in order to make the most of their natural sweetness. Other methods, such as encouraging the noble rot fungus, help the Riesling grape varietal present some truly unique and exciting flavors in the glass, and the variety of wines this varietal can produce mean it is one of the finest and most interesting available anywhere.

Country: Germany

Much has changed over the past few decades in regards to German wine. Long gone are the days of mass produced, sickly sweet white wines which were once the chief exports of this fascinating and ancient wine producing country, and they have been replaced with something far more sophisticated. Whilst Germany continues to produce a relatively large amount of dessert wine, the wineries of the south of the country have reverted their attention to the production of drier, more elegant wines which really make the most of the fine grape varieties which flourish there. Many of the wineries dealing primarily with the excellent Riesling grapes have produced some truly exceptional dry and semi-sweet wines over the past few years, and it seems the world has finally woken up and noticed the extremely high quality of the distinctive produce coming out of Germany today.