Rapid Ship
Bottle: $15.94
12 bottles: $15.62
Creamy notes of fruit are noticed along with nice and good balsamic and vanilla hints. A wine with a good acidity and...
Bottle: $11.74
12 bottles: $11.51
Medium intensity cherry colour. Suggestive, complex nose of woodland fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry) with elegant...
Bottle: $12.54
12 bottles: $12.29
Intense Chardonnay bouquet of apple, peach, fennel and exotic fruit (guava, passion fruit) with a discrete mineral...
Bottle: $13.44
12 bottles: $13.17
Rated 90 - A bright, red-plum and cherry nose here with a super smooth and juicy feel. Supple, plush and bright, fine...
Bottle: $13.94
12 bottles: $13.66
Fully ruby colour. A complex blackcurrant, blackberry aroma with a touch of violet and hints of red pepper, vanilla...
Bottle: $9.94
12 bottles: $8.43
The Somontano wine region of Spain is one with a fascinating and long history. However, due to a combination of political and agricultural upheaval, it ceased its wine production for over a hundred years, until a group of enterprising vintners with a pass