Enter.Sake Shuhari Junmai NV 720ml
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Enter.Sake Enter. Shuhari Junmai Sake NV

Honshu - Japan

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Winery Enter.Sake

Country: Japan

Japan has been producing their characteristic plum wine and sake, a rice wine, for many centuries, with the earliest written recordings of such drinks being enjoyed dating from the 3rd century. It has gradually become more and more popular in the western world, and high demand for such goods has seen a boom in plum wine and sake production all across Japan. High quality sake is especially in demand, and there are currently several AOC style designated appellations producing this aromatic and fascinating ancient beverage. In Japan, both sake and plum wine are usually served with food, or kept for ceremonial purposes and greeting guests, and the west's ever growing fascination with Japan and Japanese cultures means we can expect to see far more of this type of produce in the near future.