Chile is steadily maintaining its reputation as one of the New World’s finest wine producing countries, consistently bringing out stunning bottles of (predominantly) red wines, which express aspects of Old World varietals which are something quite different than what they would be in their home countries. With their fruit forward, bold and complex wines, the varied terrain and dedication of the vintners in this Latin American country are making things happen. Over the past few years, one of the shining stars on the Chilean wine scene has been Errazuriz. This single estate winery has frequently been recognized and celebrated as perhaps the finest producer of characterful, distinctly Chilean wines. Indeed, their wines have held the top rating, or have come joint first in the Chilean wine reviews of some of the world’s most respected wine publications in recent years.

Vina Errazuriz wines are single estate wines, and the vintners there go to great lengths to produce ever finer wines by personally overseeing every step of the winemaking process. From growing the grapes in the beautiful vineyards, which are situated in the Casablanca, Curico and Aconcagua valleys, to processing their grapes using natural and traditional methods, the unique fingerprint of Eduardo Chadwick - the winery’s current chief vintner - is present. A great emphasis is put on producing wines which have a high level of complexity and elegance, and it is this finesse and eye for excellence which has seen Errazuriz gain such success.

The winery itself was founded in the 1870s by Don Maximiano Errazuriz, in the depths of the Aconcagua Valley. The region’s hot summers, dry climate and complex soils were recognized as ideal for viticulture, and the heat of the land is beautifully tempered by cooling breezes, which roll in from the Pacific Ocean. Vines were sent for from France, and five generations later, the same varietals are still growing strong and producing characterful, bold and fascinating wines, which are bringing more and more attention to the great potential Chile has.