Burgundy is one of those wine regions which needs little introduction. With a viticultural history that stretches back over a thousand years, and an unbroken chain of dedicated vintners and winemakers which bridge the past and the present, it has long been synonymous with class, with excellence, and with intensely complex red wines which have helped define what red wine can and should be. Faiveley winery is a classic example of a great Burgundy winery, and today it is one of the more famed wineries operating in the region, keeping tradition alive through the bottles it lovingly brings out year on year.

Domaine Faiveley was founded back in 1825 by Pierre Faiveley. Back then, the firm was a simple wine business, taking care of the buying and selling of Burgundy wine to those in the region and elsewhere. However, it wasn’t long before the passion for the produce took hold, and after a few generations, the Faiveley family had purchased vineyards which grew and spread across the region, and today, Domaine Faiveley are one of the largest owners and proprietors of vineyards bearing classifications across Cote Chalonnaise, Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune - all highly prized appellations that appear on every great wine lover’s bucket list of places to visit. This collection of land expanded even further in 2013, when Domaine Faiveley proudly announced they had purchased over twenty hectares of land and vines from Domaine Dupont-Tisserandot in Gevrey-Chambetin, another key appellation which added to Faiveley’s fortunes. The winery now owns over a hundred and twenty prime hectares, twelve of which are grand cru, and twenty seven of which are premier cru.

The winery today is managed more or less entirely by Jerome Flous. Unlike most large wine companies, which have several managers for each aspect of the business, Flous oversees both the vineyards and the cellars, and thus is able to present his vision for each vintage and create a seamless wine-making process which is currently highly lauded in the international wine market. Under his management, Domaine Faiveley has been updated and renovated, and now boasts state of the art pressed, some of the best oak casks in the world, and a range of other equipment such as carefully, custom-designed wooden vats in which to produce their world-beating wines.