Familia Torres Brandy 20 Hors D'age  750ml
SKU 819151

Familia Torres Brandy 20 Hors D'age

Cataluna - Spain

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Additional Information on Familia Torres Brandy 20 Hors D'age

Winery Familia Torres

Region: Cataluna

As one of the most important wine regions in Spain, and indeed in Europe, Catalunya has been producing fine wines for an astonishing length of time. Indeed, there is much archaeological evidence to suggest that grapevines were being cultivated in ancient Catalan vineyards in pre-Roman times, and possibly even before the Pheonician traders first set out to plant vines in many western European countries. Whilst Catalunya is possibly best known for its famous sparkling Cava wines, the two hundred or so wineries in the region actually produce a wide range of red and white still wines, made from plenty of different imported and native grape varietals. As such, Catalunya is a fascinating region for any wine lover, with plenty of enticing, quintessentially Spanish flavors and aromas to discover.

Country: Spain

Ever since the Phoenicians and Romans brought their knowledge of vine cultivation to Spanish soils, the country's culture has grown alongside wine production, with wine being a vital part of Spanish identity and Spanish traditions. Each region of Spain has a wine quite distinct from the others, and it is produced by smallholders and families as much as it is by large companies and established wineries. From the relatively mild and lush regions of La Rioja to the arid plateaus that surround Madrid, grapes are grown in abundance for the now booming Spanish wine industry, and new laws and regulations have recently been put in place to keep the country's standards high. By combining traditional practices with modern technology, Spanish wineries are continuing to produce distinctive wines of great character, flavor and aroma, with the focus shifting in recent decades to quality over quantity.