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Fattoria Selvapiana Chianti Rufina Riserva Bucerchiale 2016 750ml

Rated 96 - The pure sangiovese character is so impressive and enticing; this frames bark, dried rosemary, rose petals, cedar, burnt orange peel,...

The beautiful Italian wine region of Chianti Classico is widely regarded as one of the finest in the country, and has a history of outstanding wine production which stretches back through the centuries. The stringent laws and regulations which govern this special part of Tuscany ensure that quality remains paramount, and only the finest local grape varietals and traditional techniques go into the production of the wonderful aged red wines which are made here. Selvapiano is a perfect example of a Chianti Classico winery, and has been run by the Giuntini family since the 1830s - a family whose name has become synonymous with Chianti Classico wines of great finesse and elegance. Today, the winery is overseen by the latest generation of Giuntini men, Francesco, who continues his forefathers’ dedication to excellence and complexity, crafting wines which are the very essence of the region.

Selvapiana is located in the appellation of Rufina, the smallest of the Chianti Classico zones. Despite its small size, the wines which are made here have powerful and complex flavors, and a balance and structure which easily matches the produce coming out of the other appellations of the region. This is due to the cool breezes which typify the area, blowing down the Sieve valley and tempering the blazing Tuscan sunshine. The winery estate of Selvapiana covers a massive 245 hectares, although only fifty or so of these are given to vineyards, while the others are covered with olive groves. The wines which are made from the low-yielding, forty year old vines in Selvapiana are ruby red in color, and packed full of the rich, juicy flavors we expect from a fine Chianti winery. Blackberry, red cherry and spice are all present on the palate, and the tight structure and lovely floral finish lifts the wines of Selvapiana above its neighbors and competitors.