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Favia Red Blend La Magdalena 2018 750ml

United States
Napa Valley
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2019 2018
Rated 99 by Jeb Dunnuck
Next up, the 2018 La Magalena comes from the Oakville Ranch Vineyard and in 2018 is a blend of equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Incredible notes of crème de cassis, blueberries, tobacco leaf, violets, and spring flowers all emerge from this beauty, and it hits the palate with flawless balance, full-bodied richness, a great, great mid-palate, and a finish that keeps you coming back to the glass. Probably a candidate for perfection in 5-7 years, this is a magical Bordeaux blend from an incredible terroir as well as a great winemaker. Hide bottles in the cellar for 5-7 years, count yourself lucky, and enjoy over the following 30 years or more. ... More details
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Favia Red Blend La Magdalena 2018 750ml

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Rated 98 - The other proprietary red wine Favia is known for is the 2013 Proprietary Red Cerro Sur. What a gorgeous...
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Winery Favia

Region: California

Since the 18th century, California has been a hugely important and influential wine region, acting as a trailblazer for other New World wine regions and utilizing an important blend of traditional and contemporary practices, methods and techniques relating to their wine production. Split into four key areas – the North Coast, the Central Coast, the South Coast and the Central Valley – Californian wineries make the most of their ideal climate and rich variety of terrains in order to produce a fascinating range of wines made with a long list of different fine grape varietals. Today, the state has almost half a million acres under vine, and is one of the world's largest wine exporters, with Californian wines being drunk and enjoyed all across the globe.

Country: United States

The first European settlers to consider growing grapevines in the United States must have been delighted when they discovered the now famous wine regions within California, Oregon and elsewhere. Not even in the Old World are there such fertile valleys, made ideal for vine cultivation by the blazing sunshine, long, hot summers and oceanic breezes. As such, it comes as little surprise that today more than eighty-nine percent of United States wines are grown in the valleys and on the mountainsides of California, where arguably some of the finest produce in the world is found. However, American wine does not begin and end with California, and due to the vast size of the country and the incredible range of terrains and climates found within the United States, there is probably no other country on earth which produces such a massive diversity of wines. From ice wines in the northern states, to sparkling wines, aromatized wines, fortified wines, reds, whites, rosés and more, the United States has endless surprises in store for lovers of New World wines.
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Appellation: Napa Valley

There are few places on earth quite as ideal for viticulture and wine production as California's Napa Valley, a place which is now considered something of a spiritual home for the American wine industry. For generations now, Napa Valley has consistently produced the finest wines to come out of the United States, and has used its ideal climate and terroir to coax the very finest flavors and aromas from a wide range of grape varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Zinfandel, amongst many others. Shielded from the oceanic climate by mountain ranges, the Napa Valley provides plenty of sunshine, heat and little rainfall in which grapes can grow and ripen fully, and express plenty of their superb terroir, much to the delight of New World wine drinkers across the globe.