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Frapin Cognac Cigar Perfect 750ml

Rated 91 - This is Château Fontpinot’s counterpoint, aged 20 years in humid cellars, and much rounder, richer and sweeter in style. There’s...
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Frapin Cognac Grande Champagne 1270 750ml

Rated 91 - Bright citrus and apple blossom fill the nose, with undercurrents of brown sugar, leather, and cedar. Soft and elegant on the palate,...
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Frapin Cognac VSOP 750ml

Rated 97 - A brilliantly mineral nose is loaded with wildflower, vanilla cream, and toasted honey. An elegant palate unfolds flavors of grilled...
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Frapin Cognac XO Vip 750ml

Rated 93 - An older XO from Grande Champagne with more than 30 years of aging in Frapin’s humid cellars, to highlight roundness and suppleness....
The Cognac region of France is admired the world over for their mastery of brandy-making, in a tradition which stretches back through the centuries and which inspired nations to copy - yet never exceed - the original formula for perfection. The Frapin fam