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Buffalo Trace has always had a powerful reputation for producing exceptional whiskies, adding a string of hits to their name over the past two decades alone. Their antique collection was highly critically lauded, thanks to the care and dedication that went into their production, but it was with the eagerly anticipated release of George T. Stagg that their reputation really went stratospheric. George T. Stagg quickly started picking up some highly sought after accolades, and it won Malt Advocate’s award of Whiskey of the Year literally weeks after it was first released. Within a year, it had received a score of 97 points in the Whiskey Bible - at that time a new record - and was named as World Whiskey of the Year for an incredible two years running. Buffalo Trace clearly had produced something really quite remarkable, and the George T. Stagg whiskey has now proven itself to be a benchmark for quality for these times.

Buffalo Trace have consistently produced characterful whiskies, taking their inspiration from colorful characters from history. George T. Stagg is no exception, taking its name from an eccentric proprietor of the Old Fire Copper distillery in the 19th century. This particular bourbon is an example of what Buffalo Trace do best - a high-rye whiskey, aged for 15 years and brought out in a barrel-proof, unfiltered and uncut state. It was released by Buffalo Trace distillery with a promise to strike a chord with the connoisseurs, those looking for a whiskey which was a real expression of time and place, and to say it did so is something of an understatement.

George T. Stagg is now widely recognized as one of the best bourbon whiskeys in the world, and the producers and its devoted fans put this down to a couple of key factors. Firstly, we have the flavor - an immensely deep and spicy set of flavors based on the complexity of the rye, and secondly the natural alcoholic strength of the drink (it regularly goes above and beyond the 70% mark) bringing a warmth and clarity which grabs the attention of those seeking a new set of sensations. Buffalo Trace and George T. Stagg have both become household names in the world of bourbon whiskey, and this doesn’t look as though it will change any time soon.