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Hacienda Lopez De Haro Reserva Rioja 2013 750ml

La Rioja
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Hacienda Lopez De Haro Reserva Rioja 2013 750ml

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green grapes

Varietal: Tempranillo

The wines made from the Tempranillo grape varietal have gone down in history as being some of the finest in the world, with the Spanish region of Riot being one of the most famed and respected examples of a quality red wine made with this grape. Elsewhere in the world, the Tempranillo grape has had plenty of success, and grows best in regions with a mixture of hot sunshine and cooling breezes. These grapes hold plenty of intense and interesting flavors, and are often said to hold many of the most sought after flavors to be found in a red wine. Leather, tobacco, plums and herbs are often noted in wines made with Tempranillo grapes, and the blended wines made with this varietal are often seen at the top of world rankings.

Region: La Rioja

La Rioja is by far the most famous wine region of Spain, and remains one of the world's great wine producing regions, consistently offering deep, complex red wines of character and distinction, partly due to the fact that La Rioja benefits from excellent soils, rich in minerals and nutrients, and plenty of sunshine. The climatic conditions allow the fine grape varietals to reach full ripeness and express plenty of the best features of their terroir, making La Rioja wines some of the most interesting to have ever come out of Europe. The Cantabrian mountains to the north provide the perfect shelter from the colder, wetter influences of the Atlantic oceans, and in the beloved vineyards of La Rioja, wineries have been cultivating exceedingly flavorful Tempranillo grapes for generations for the inclusion in their fine single variety and blended wines.

Country: Spain

Ever since the Phoenicians and Romans brought their knowledge of vine cultivation to Spanish soils, the country's culture has grown alongside wine production, with wine being a vital part of Spanish identity and Spanish traditions. Each region of Spain has a wine quite distinct from the others, and it is produced by smallholders and families as much as it is by large companies and established wineries. From the relatively mild and lush regions of La Rioja to the arid plateaus that surround Madrid, grapes are grown in abundance for the now booming Spanish wine industry, and new laws and regulations have recently been put in place to keep the country's standards high. By combining traditional practices with modern technology, Spanish wineries are continuing to produce distinctive wines of great character, flavor and aroma, with the focus shifting in recent decades to quality over quantity.