Hakushika Sake Junmai Yamadanishiki  300ml
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Hakushika Junmai Yamadanishiki Sake


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Winery Hakushika

Country: Japan

For those looking for something a little different from their wines, then Japan is an ideal location to look to. The two key national drinks of the country – sake rice wine, and plum wine – are equally delicious, unique and aromatic, and are becoming more and more popular in the west as our fascination with this far east country continues to grow. Plum wines are made in a similar way to grape based wines, but the result is quintessentially Japanese, as they are aromatic, sweet and flavorful, whilst being light and utterly drinkable. Sake, too, is light and dry, an excellent accompaniment to Japanese cuisine, and contains as much variety and interesting features as any other type of wine. Both the plums and the rice required to make such drinks grow in a wide range of regions of Japan, and as such, each region has their own style, making them an interesting set of drinks to explore.