Dessert/Fortified Wine
Bottle: $28.83 $31.20
This wine is a gastronomic specialty made from hand-picked frozen grapes that were harvested in the early morning...
Bottle: $16.94
12 bottles: $16.60
This wine is rich and full with aromas and flavors of honey, almonds, apricots, peaches, lime and mango. It is a...
Rapid Ship
Bottle: $12.85
12 bottles: $12.59
Rated 89 - Hints of smoky, spicy Mosel minerality accent juicy grapefruit and yellow-cherry flavors in this ripe and...
Bottle: $11.66
12 bottles: $10.30
Bottle: $13.90
12 bottles: $13.62
Heinz Eifel Riesling Spatlese is made from late-harvested Riesling grapes in the middle Mosel Valley of Germany....
The German wine region of Mosel has long since been regarded as one of the finest locations for wine production on earth, first by the Romans, then by the crowned heads of Europe, and today by those who appreciate finesse, expression and character in thei