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Washington Wine, Columbia VAlley

About Hogue Cellars Winery

The Hogue Cellars, founded in 1982 by Mike and Gary Hogue, is located in Eastern Washington's Columbia Valley, the premiere grape growing region of the state. The climate and soils of the Columbia Valley produce grapes with intense fruit flavors and high natural acidity. The wines have a liveliness and ripe, zesty fruit flavors that make them ideal complements to a wide range of food.


Clear varietal character with pure fruit aromas and flavors is the viticultural and winemaking focus of these wines. This fruit-forward character is the defining quality of wines from the Columbia Valley in Washington State.

GENESIS by Hogue:

Hogue Genesis wines represent the culmination of a winemaking process that selects classic varietal wine grapes from some of the most distinctive vineyard sites in Eastern Washington state. In twenty years of winemaking in Washington the Hogue Cellars winemaking team has identified which vineyards and microclimates have the best potential to produce classic varietal wines.

Hogue Reserve:

At Hogue, “Reserve” is more than just a word on a bottle. It's the designation we give our best wines, those that our viticulturists and winemakers pay the most attention to in the vineyard and the cellar. Hogue Reserve wines share the common profile of concentrated and layered fruit, structure and weight as well as elegance. The oak that frames the fruit and spice of the wine adds to the complexity and aging capacity.

Hogue Riesling 2006

Rated 88 - Soft and fragrant, with peach and pear notes that harmonize beautifully through the long, off-dry finish. Drink now through 2009. - Wine Spectator

Hogue Riesling Genesis 2006

Hogue Riesling Late Harvest

Hogue Syrah Genesis 2006

Hogue White Riesling Late Harvest 2006

Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon

Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon Genesis 2005

Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Hogue Chardonnay

Hogue Chardonnay Genesis

Hogue Chardonnay Reserve

Hogue Fume Blanc

Hogue Gewurztraminer

Hogue Merlot

Hogue Merlot Genesis 2004

Hogue Merlot Reserve

Hogue Pinot Grigio