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Tenuta Il Poggione Winery

Italian Wine, Tuscany

About Tenuta Il Poggione Winery and Vineyard

The history of Tenuta Il Poggione as we know it today begins in the late 19th century with the story of Lavinio Franceschi, who owned land in Scandicci (the hills around Florence). Franceschi was so fascinated by the stories of a shepherd who took his flock to summer pasture on the Maremma slopes of the hills between Montalcino and Sant Angelo, that he organized an inspection of the area, unconcerned by the distance and dangers threatening travelers in those days. The visit proved to be so interesting, and the splendid scenery so bewitching that he bought the land. At the end of the 19th century the Franceschi family was registered in the records of the Tenuta, with the Tolomei and the Conti della Ciaia.

Franceschis greatest virtue was to have sensed the winegrowing potential of this area and of the grape variety that has always been grown here. The running of his winery marked the end of an almost Medieval-style farming tradition and the beginning of modern enterprise and methods. New Sangiovese clones were selected which were more suited to the production of quality wines, and new Sangiovese vineyards were planted in the most suitable areas, with the aim of producing really prestigious wines. The new cellar was built using more modern technology but without losing sight of traditions and typicality. More than a century later Lavinio Franceschis work is still a fundamental benchmark for his heirs, who continue to develop the winery with the same commitment and unaltered passion, blending the old, expert winemaking traditions with the most innovative techniques. Today the vineyards of Tenuta Il Poggione, which are all south-facing and at an altitude of 200-400m above sea level, extend over 100 hectares, 60 of which are used for Brunello.