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Iron Horse Winery

California Wine, Sonoma County

About Iron Horse Vineyard Wines

Descending the crest of a knoll on Ross Station Road, the three hundred acres of land comprising Iron Horse Ranch and Vineyards opens to rolling hills covered with grape vines. Passing across a bridge, up a winding oak lined drive, between a row of alternating palm and olive trees brings you to the charming Iron Horse Winery. Care was taken to preserve the natural beauty of the picturesque area by erecting buildings at home with the land. Founding partners Audrey and Barry Sterling and Forrest Tancer shared the conviction that Iron Horse could, and therefore would, produce great wines.

Iron Horse Winery 1998 Classic Vintage Brut

The mainstay of our Sparklings. A traditional blend of 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay, aged four-plus years on the yeast in the bottle. Wonderfully rich and creamy, sends all kinds of memory bells that say "champagne", though the fruit is unmistakably Sonoma. Vintage quality in every sense of the word.

Iron Horse Winery 1998 Good Luck Cuvée

This is a limited edition Sparkling wine celebrating 2002, which in the Chinese calendar is the “Year of the Horse,” which obviously ties to Iron Horse. Plus, there are three generations of willful women born in the year of the horse in the Iron Horse family. Many haute Chinese restaurants like Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger, Susanna Foo’s in Philadelphia, Betelnut and Silks in San Francisco and Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois on Main, featured this bubbly for Chinese New Year, but the idea is that everyone can always use a little extra good luck.

Iron Horse Winery 1994 Blanc de Blancs

The most elegant and sophisticated of our cuvees. Made from 100% Chardonnay. Aged seven plus years on the yeast. Ethereal - like drinking a cloud. It seems to effervesce away in your mouth and tastes like, among other things, a perfectly browned slice of sourdough toast.

Iron Horse Winery 1998 Brut Rosé

The wildest of our Sparklings and surprisingly the driest. Bold and vibrant in both color and taste. Pure exuberance. The color and richness come from cold soaking the Pinot Noir on the skins.

Iron Horse Winery 2000 Wedding Cuvée

Our Blanc de Noirs, made from predominately Pinot Noir, with a beautiful, pale-peach hue. Rich and creamy, like pure strawberries and cream, this is without doubt the most romantic of our Sparklings. It is dangerously easy to drink. A favorite for many, Iron Horse is probably best known for this cuvée.

Iron Horse Winery 1996 Brut LD

This is our Tête de cuvée, our top of the line. It is composed of our favorite lots of wine from a fabulous vintage, bottled and laid down in March 1997, freshly or "late" disgorged in 2003 after six plus years. Everything about this wine is a lift. It is extremely refined, almost weightless, yet incredibly rich and has a freshness and crispness that belies the wine's age.

Iron Horse Winery 1998 Russian Cuvée

The same base wine as Classic Vintage Brut, but with a richer dosage, which makes it more opulent, slightly sweeter and heightens the fruit. Originally designed for the historic Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meetings ending the Cold War. According to USA Today, "an intertwining of the arts of diplomacy and gastronomy".