Karanika Xinomavro Old Vines 2013 750ml
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Karanika Old Vines Xinomavro 2013

Macedonia - Greece

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Rated 90 by Robert Parker
The 2013 Xinomavro is an Old Vines Xinomavro aged for 18 months in used barriques (70/30 French to American). On opening, this was softer, fresher and rounder than the powerful 2011, plus it added a sweet edge from oak. As the oak integrated, I began to like this a lot more. It may well match or surpass the 2011 in time, but in the meanwhile, although I appreciated what seemed to be its better balance between fruit and tannins, it didn't have the same character. For the moment, though, it is worth leaning up here. It is a lovely wine with caressing texture and fine fruit. Give it some time, though. It may yet show that character.
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90 Robert Parker
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Additional Information on Karanika Old Vines Xinomavro 2013

Winery Karanika

Varietal: Xinomavro

Xinomavro is the predominant grape varietal of Macedonia, although it is also grown in many parts of Greece where the climatic conditions are suitable for this particular fruit. The names translates as 'acid black', which gives some clue as to the nature of this varietal. The grapes are renowned for their high tannin content, which is a result of the thick and blue-black skins found on the fruit. This particular characteristic results in a superb aging potential in wines made from the Xinomavro varietal, as time spent in barrels softens these strong, astringent tannins and allows the full range of their flavors to come through in the wine. Most commonly, Xinomavro grapes are associated with aromas of red gooseberry, spices, olives and dried fruit, such as dried tomato.

Country: Greece

It is almost impossible to understate the importance of local and regionally produced wines in Greek culture. Across the country, from the cities of the mainland to the villages, mountainous regions and islands, wine is produced using traditional methods and native grape varietals, and is drank in households and taverns, either accompanying the much loved local cuisine or alone as a refreshment under the blazing Mediterranean sunshine. For wine lovers around the world, Greece is known for producing several wines with something unique and interesting to offer, a refreshing change from the norm filled with surprises and complex, occasionally challenging or unusual flavors and aromas. Thanks to the vast range in terrain across the archipelago, Greek wine is as varied as it is delicious, meaning there is plenty to explore and enjoy from this fascinating and ancient country.