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Karydas Xinomavro 2016 750ml

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2016 2015
Rated 90 by Wine Advocate
The 2016 Naoussa is, of course, a Xinomavro, aged for 18 months in 35% new French oak. Sourced from the Gastra area, this comes in at 13.9% alcohol. Typically a fine wine and fine value, this vintage looks like a good example of both of those points. Elegant yet lush, this opens with a bit of wood. Then, the fruit rises above it, showing more purity, a hint of earth and plenty of character as it airs out. There's a bit of steel on the finish too, but not lot, and the mid-palate shows finesse. This is ready to drink at this late date, and it's relatively soft for Xinomavro. If I had a quibble, it would be that the structure this year lags a bit behind the fruit. For many who decry more rustic versions of Xinomavro, that will seem just fine, as this is balanced and sensual with a relatively modern feel. It's worth leaning up for the moment. We'll see if it ages well in time, but it certainly won't fall off the table any time soon.
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Karydas Xinomavro 2016 750ml

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Winery Karydas
green grapes

Varietal: Xinomavro

In Macedonia and many parts of mountainous Greece, the dry and arid landscape have proven to be an ideal home for the Xinomavro varietal grape. This native varietal has been cultivated and processed for over a thousand years in this part of Europe, and is beginning to be experimented with elsewhere in the world where the climatic conditions are suitable for its type. The name of the grape means 'acid black' in Greek, referring to both the color of the skin, and the fact that this particular varietal holds a relatively high acid content. However, the Xinomavro grape is most widely celebrated for its tannin-rich character, which makes it an ideal grape for barrel aging This process reveals many of the wonderful flavors and aromas the complex Xinomavro grape holds, and is a real treat for lovers of dark and interesting red wines.

Country: Greece

It is almost impossible to understate the importance of local and regionally produced wines in Greek culture. Across the country, from the cities of the mainland to the villages, mountainous regions and islands, wine is produced using traditional methods and native grape varietals, and is drank in households and taverns, either accompanying the much loved local cuisine or alone as a refreshment under the blazing Mediterranean sunshine. For wine lovers around the world, Greece is known for producing several wines with something unique and interesting to offer, a refreshing change from the norm filled with surprises and complex, occasionally challenging or unusual flavors and aromas. Thanks to the vast range in terrain across the archipelago, Greek wine is as varied as it is delicious, meaning there is plenty to explore and enjoy from this fascinating and ancient country.