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Kir-Yianni Naoussa 2018 750ml

Rated 90 by Wine Advocate
The 2018 Naoussa Cuvée Villages is all Xinomavro aged for 12 months in used French oak (with 25% American). It comes in at 13.3% alcohol. Beautifully wrought in its style, this is silky and fairly tannic. It shows off acidity and plenty of pop and power on the finish. In its youth, the fruit is still assertive, but this is mostly about the structure and the texture. There is also admirable mid-palate finesse. If you like them old school and a little rustic, this is for you, but there is enough fruit for balance, at least today. There are echoes of rustic Nebbiolo while there's very little here that's sweet and fleshy. It should age well, perhaps better than indicated.
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Kir-Yianni Naoussa 2018 750ml

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Winery Kir-Yianni
green grapes

Varietal: Xinomavro

Xinomavro is the predominant grape varietal of Macedonia, although it is also grown in many parts of Greece where the climatic conditions are suitable for this particular fruit. The names translates as 'acid black', which gives some clue as to the nature of this varietal. The grapes are renowned for their high tannin content, which is a result of the thick and blue-black skins found on the fruit. This particular characteristic results in a superb aging potential in wines made from the Xinomavro varietal, as time spent in barrels softens these strong, astringent tannins and allows the full range of their flavors to come through in the wine. Most commonly, Xinomavro grapes are associated with aromas of red gooseberry, spices, olives and dried fruit, such as dried tomato.

Country: Greece

As one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world, Greece has millenia of experience and expertise when it comes to viticulture, and has developed a set of flavors and characteristics which are found nowhere else on earth. The ancient Greeks revered and deified wine, and were the first true innovators in the history of wine, adding everything from seawater to honey and spices in order to find exciting new taste combinations and aromas. Today, Greek wines are just as varied, although far more refined and sophisticated than their ancient counterparts. The practice of enhancing Greek wines with aromatic substances never left the country, though, as can be seen in the popular Retsina wines, which use pine resin to provide their unique taste and aroma combinations. There is far more to Greek wine than merely Retsina, however, and the vast variety on offer is a testament to the expertise of Greek wineries making the most of the wonderful climate, terrain and grape varietals they work with.