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Kir-Yianni Xinomavro Ramnista 2017 750ml

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Rated 91 by Wine Advocate
The 2017 Ramnista, all Xinomavro, was aged for 16 months in 30% new 5,000-liter French casks (but for a 5% dollop of American wood). It comes in at 14.6% alcohol (actual, I'm told). Solid in the mid-palate, this shows off fine fruit with a subtle layer of wood as an overlay. This has some power on the finish too, but the mid-palate concentration easily soaks it up, making this rather approachable (not every young Ramnista is). It should still age well, developing more complexity along the way, but this seems to be drinking nicely right now. Still, it was better the next day, when it showed more of that Xinomavro acidity and complexity. We'll see if it can turn into anything more in time, but if not, it's still pretty darned good at a nice price. ... More details
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Kir-Yianni Xinomavro Ramnista 2017 750ml

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Winery Kir-Yianni
green grapes

Varietal: Xinomavro

In Macedonia and many parts of mountainous Greece, the dry and arid landscape have proven to be an ideal home for the Xinomavro varietal grape. This native varietal has been cultivated and processed for over a thousand years in this part of Europe, and is beginning to be experimented with elsewhere in the world where the climatic conditions are suitable for its type. The name of the grape means 'acid black' in Greek, referring to both the color of the skin, and the fact that this particular varietal holds a relatively high acid content. However, the Xinomavro grape is most widely celebrated for its tannin-rich character, which makes it an ideal grape for barrel aging This process reveals many of the wonderful flavors and aromas the complex Xinomavro grape holds, and is a real treat for lovers of dark and interesting red wines.

Country: Greece

Few countries in the world can claim such an illustrious history of viticulture as that found in Greece, just as few countries can benefit from such an impressive range of terrain as that found across the mainland and islands of this ancient and fascinating land. When we consider that grapes are grown everywhere from the tiny islands in the Aegean sea, to larger land masses such as Rhodes and Crete, on the arid and rocky mainland and mountainous regions of Greek Macedonia, it is no wonder Greek wines show such huge diversity in style, flavor, aroma and character. One thing remains consistent, however, and that is the dedication to producing distinctly 'Greek' wines, full of characteristics which reflect the slow evolution of viticulture in a country which has been producing wine for several thousand years. Whilst certain wines, such as Retsina and those made from the Agiorghitiko grapes have long since been popular with fine wine drinkers world-wide, Greek wineries are continuing to produce superb wines using a wide range of native and imported grape varietals, meaning there are always plenty of new flavors and aromas to discover.