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Korbel Brut 750ml

Rated 88 - This is crisp and loaded with spice, offering creamy apple, citrus and anise flavors that are balanced, with a vibrant finish. Drink...
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Korbel Brut Organic 750ml

Rated 90 - #73 Top 100, 2016 - Crisp and luscious, this is a winning bubbly for a big party. Aromas of cinnamon, ginger and citrus lead to creamy...
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Korbel Chardonnay Champagne NV 750ml

Rated 85 - Soft, with notes of pear and white peaches. Drink now. 100,000 cases made. (JL)- - Wine Spectator 12/15/00 // -Rated 4 STARS**** Good...
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Korbel Extra Dry NV 750ml

Rated 88 Best Buy - Who says you have to pay big bucks for a goodsparkling wine? This affordable version is roundin the mouth, with ripe flavors of...
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Korbel Sweet Cuvee 750ml

This champagne is made using the méthode champenoise process. Many sweeter-styled sparkling wines are made with a less costly bulk process known...
Korbel Winery

California Wine, Guerneville

About Korbel Vineyard Wines

Established in 1882, Korbel Winery has been a part of America's greatest celebrations for more than 120 years. It has been the exclusive champagne of the past five presidential inaugurations, and was the champagne of choice for the Camelot years of the Kennedy administration. Korbel Winery has been a supporter and licensee of the 1996 Olympic Games, an Official Supporter of the 2000, 2002 and 2004 U.S. Olympic Teams and the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, a supporter of Team Dennis Conner for the 1995 America's Cup and the first global sponsor of Times Square 2000. Korbel Winery is the number one selling premium methode champenoise-produced champagne in America.

Korbel Winery Chardonnay Champagne

Korbel's Chardonnay Champagne combines the richness and complexity of Chardonnay wine with the fun and lively personality of champagne. Made from fine California Chardonnay grapes, Korbel Chardonnay Champagne fills your mouth with the flavors of tropical fruit, apples, figs and a touch of oak. Finished with a 1.5% by weight dosage, the bright, sparkling finish is pure champagne. Chardonnay Champagne's richness makes it a wonderful champagne to serve throughout a meal. Try it with a chicken or vegetable paelly, seafood pasta with cream-based sauces, or even a slice of apple pie.

Korbel Winery Le Premier

Le Premier is Korbel's most limited release, reserve champagne, made in the European tradition. Only Korbel's very best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are used for this special cuvée. The fruit is gently whole-cluster pressed before fermentation. After fermentation all of the young cuvées for Le Premier Champagne are aged in large oak casks for one year, where they undergo malolactic fermentation. After the secondary, méthode champenoise fermentation, Le Premier Champagne is aged for three years before being released. Stylistically, Korbel Le Premier Champagne is a complex cuvée with toasty nutty aromas followed by a delicate apple and berry flavor. Finished with a low .7% dosage, Le Premier pairs well with chicken or fish dishes, especially with nutty-flavored cream sauces or with wild rice. It is also excellent with salads featuring lightly roasted pecans or pine nuts.

Korbel Winery Natural

Korbel Natural' is a very dry, delicate champagne which exemplifies the fruit forward, Korbel "House Style." Sonoma County Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, primarily from the cool Russian River Valley give Korbel Natural' its unique crisp, fruit-centered flavor. Natural' was originally developed by Adolph Heck in the early 1960s as a dry, sophisticated alternative to the sweet and awkward bulk-processed sparkling wines commonly consumed at that time. Today, Korbel Natural's crispness still makes it agreat champagne to serve as an aperitif, with lighter fish dishes or grilled prawns. Natural' also pairs well with dishes using fruit, especially citrus.

Korbel Winery Rouge

Korbel Rouge is a medium-dry champagne created from Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. First launched in the 1930s, its distinctive red color and aroma and flavor of intense black cherry, strawberry and plum are still a classic choice. Approximately 1% by weight dosage keeps it as dry as the Korbel Brut but removes any tannic bitter edge. It teams perfectly with hearty pastas, red meats and robust seafood dishes. It is excellent with a holiday turkey dinner.

Korbel Winery 1997 Blanc De Noirs

Korbel Vintage Reserve 1997 Blanc de Noirs is a special reserve champagne made from our finest Pinot Noir vineyards in the Russian River Valley. The cuvées for the 1997 Blanc de Noirs were selected for outstanding fruit flavor and balance. As with all of our champagnes, this premium champagne owes its "sparkle" to the méthode champenoise process. Extended bottle-aging, a .75% by weight dosage, and subtle Pinot Noir fruit flavor make the 1997 Vintage Blanc de Noirs a flavorful pairing with a wide variety of foods ranging from grilled Chilean sea bass to dishes using berries, cherries or fruit relishes.

Korbel Winery Brut Rose

Korbel Brut Rose Champagne is a bright, fresh wine with flavors of strawberry, cherry and melon. Brut Rose is made from Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc and French Colombard grapes, and finished with a 1.5% by weight dosage. Brut Rose is medium-dry and has a noticeable blush of color. Serve Brut Rose with barbeque-smoked chicken or turkey, fruit-based salads or with a sinfully rich chocolate dessert.

Korbel Winery Extra Dry

Korbel Extra Dry is a crisp, off-dry champagne, wich is light, easy and refreshing. Extra Dry is made from Chenin Blanc and French Colombard grapes, with flavors of citrus, melon and spice finished with a 1.5% by weight dosage. Korbel Extra Dry goes well with salads dressed with fruit vinaigrettes, as well as spicy foods, such as Pan-Asian cuisine, prepared with cilantro, ginger and chilies.

Korbel Winery 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon

A limited edition wine with blackberry, cedar, licorice, plum and currant flavors. Robust in body with moderately heavy tannins, it is expected that this wine will age for some time.

Korbel Winery 1999 Chardonnay

This is a limited edition wine made exclusively from the finest Russian River Valley Chardonnay grapes.

Korbel Winery 1999 Pinot Noir

Korbel 1999 Pinot Noir is a special, limited production, hand-made table wine made from grapes grown at the Korbel Estate and the Sanchietti Ranch in Sebastopol. This Pinot Noir was hand-harvested from the ripest blocks from our vineyards. The wine was fermented in small open-top vats and punched down by hand, then aged in small French Oak barrels for about 10 months. Th wine was never fined, and only rough filtered before bottling.