The Italian region of Tuscany is the country’s quintessential wine region. Rolling green hills, beautifully situated vineyards and impressive rural estates are almost all you’ll see if you ever find yourself driving through there, and it isn’t difficult to sense the sheer history of the wine industry which calls Tuscany home. For well over a thousand years, local vintners have been making wines from the native vines which flourish there, and this has culminated in a vibrant wine scene, which at once reveres tradition and celebrates innovation and experimentation in the quest for perfection. An elegant and impressive example of a contemporary Tuscan winery is Le Macchiole, situated in the pretty village of Bolgheri, right on the western coast near the sea. Le Macchiole is run by Cinzia Campolmi, and has been since 2002. Cinzia is the wife of renowned vintner Eugenio Campolmi, whose superb wines are synonymous with the modern regeneration of Tuscany’s viticultural scene.

Together in 2000, the Campolmi couple set about searching for the perfect terroir on which to establish their new winery. They sought the finest combination of soil type and microclimate, and settled on Bolgheri for the location of Le Macchiole. This was to be very much a Super Tuscan winery - that is, a winery which does away with the strict regulations the Italian government imposed on Tuscan winemakers, instructing them to limit their wines almost exclusively to Sangiovese grapes. Le Macchiole owes more to Bordeaux than it does to Tuscany, using the wonderful climate and land to grow characterful and bold Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot varietal grapes with which to produce deep and complex blended wines.

Since its inception in 2002, Le Macchiole has striven to be a winery of expression, attempting to bring the unique characteristics of their terroir across in the bottle. Cinzia decided the best way to go about this was to employ exclusively organic winemaking techniques, with minimal intervention. She is currently experimenting with Biodynamic farming, too, in order to achieve the absolute expression she believes her land deserves, and to preserve the winery’s beautiful terroir for future generations.