Librandi Critone Val Di Neto Igt 2017 750ml
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Librandi Critone Val Di Neto Igt 2017

Val Di Neto - Calabria - Italy

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Made from 90% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc, Critone is a perfect example of Librandi’s belief that the future of Calabrian enology lies in the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. International varieties like these were originally planted in the 1980s to offer something different to local markets, but as the results have been consistently impressive, Critone has gained importance in the diverse portfolio of Librandi wines. Critone takes its name from the favorite pupil of the great philosopher, Socrates, and represents Librandi's pursuit of the knowledge to consistently produce better wines. Pale straw-lemon in color, the wine has delicate aromas of green apples and tree fruits complementing undertones of peaches, wildflowers, and a hint of freshly cut grass. Dry and crisp on the palate, this wine shows elegance with layers of flavors that continue to reveal themselves well into the finish. Pair this wine with seafood antipasti, baked fish, seafood-based pasta dishes, salads, and grilled vegetables.

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Winery Librandi

Country: Italy

Italy is recognised as being one of the finest wine producing countries in the world, and it isn't difficult to see why. With a vast amount of land across the country used primarily for vineyard cultivation and wine production, each region of Italy manages to produce a wide range of excellent quality wines, each representative of the region it is produced in. Any lover of Italian wines will be able to tell you of the variety the country produces, from the deliciously astringent and alpine-fresh wines of the northern borders, to the deliciously jammy and fruit-forward wines of the south and the Italian islands. Regions such as Barolo are frequently compared with Bordeaux and Burgundy in France, as their oak aged red wines have all the complexity and earthy, spicy excellence of some of the finest wines in the world, and the sparkling wines of Asti and elsewhere in Italy can easily challenge and often exceed the high standards put forward by Champagne. Thanks to excellent terrain and climatic conditions, Italy has long since proven itself a major player in the world of wines, and long may this dedication to quality and excellence continue.