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Tradition, elegance, innovation and excellence - four words which are commonly used to describe the wonderful wines of Burgundy, France. The deep red wines and powerful whites which come out of the many wineries, dotted among the villages of Burgundy, have helped to define wine as we know it today. Delicately aged, complex yet drinkable, perfect with a range of different foods - Burgundy really is one of the definitive wine regions of France and of the world as a whole. One of the reasons this is the case is due to the fact that Burgundy contains wineries like Maison Louis Latour, where we see the impact that a combination of deeply held tradition, ancient vines, generational knowledge and regularly bursts of innovation and inspiration can have.

Louis Latour is a winery with a real history, and throughout the ages, the winery has been instrumental in elevating Burgundy to the lofty status it holds today. It was founded in 1797 by the first Louis Latour (the first of a long line of men to share that name), and quickly established itself as one of the leading wineries in the region, thanks to its pristine location and the quality of the vines it grew. The winery continues to be run by the Latour family, and is one of only a handful of wineries which take their place in a special club, whose entry depends on the fact that they have been running for over two hundred years and still bear the name of their founder.

Louis Latour today has many, many vineyards, but the majority of them remain in the village of Aloxe-Corton, which is where the ancestral home of the family can be found. These vineyards benefit greatly from the climatic conditions of Burgundy, which allow for a very late picking season and thus ensure that the grapes take on maximum character from the terroir. The yields are small and of an exquisite quality, and the production methods remain as traditional as possible for a large operation such as that run by the Latour family. Louis Latour also has vineyards in the Ardeche Valley, as well as in the Var, and is home to no less than five Grand Cru vineyards, which include the world-famous Corton-Charlemagne.