The Agter-Paarl region of South Africa is not the country’s most famous wine producing zone, but it is one we expect to hear more and more from over the coming years. There are now several wineries operating in the region, making the most of the unique microclimate the area enjoys, and bringing out classic South African wines such as Pinotage and full-bodied, fruit-forward Shiraz wines which are beginning to make waves on the international market. One such winery is MAN Vintners, a small, independent operation based in Agter-Paarl, and one which is dedicated to expressing the very best that this beautiful land has to offer. Run by Jose Conde and brothers Tyrrel and Philip Myburgh, the winery gets its name from the first initials of each winemaker’s wife - supposedly, as a peace offering due to the fact that winemaking is their passion and vocation, and uses up most of the men’s free time! No doubt their wives are happy with the produce, even if they’d like to see more of their husbands, due to the fact that the winery is growing rapidly year on year, with production at MAN Vintners now seeing clients in over 25 different countries worldwide.

MAN Vintners produces a range of different wines, and is currently best known for their white wines made from Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, with the winery recently expanding into classic South African reds, too. The winery uses grapes produced by around thirty different farmers, based in the cooler regions of Agter-Paarl, and the winery is run as a co-operative of sorts, with most of the vine farmers owning shares in the winery and thus seeing the benefits of the company’s successes.

MAN Vintners is an ecological organisation, with all three vintners caring deeply about the land they work with. This means using unirrigated land, utilising ‘bush vines’ which do not use trellises, and keeping intervention to a minimum, thus allowing the quality of the granite-based soil to come through in the grape and the allowing the land to remain sustainable for future generations. MAN Vintners is all about providing the world with affordable, rustic, and distinctly South African wines which work in harmony with the land, and demonstrate what a great wine-producing region this is.