Marie Courtin Champagne Indulgence Extra Brut Rose [2011] NV 750ml
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Marie Courtin Champagne Indulgence Extra Brut Rose [2011] Champagne Blend NV

Champagne - France

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Rated 94 by Decanter
An addition to the range, the NV (2011) Extra Brut Rosé Indulgence speaks to balance above all else. The Rosé is built on a core of serious energy, so readers should expect a light, mid-weight Champagne loaded with vibrancy. All the elements come together beautifully in a Champagne that brings together expressive fruit and bracing minerality, with a savory edge that kicks the finish into high gear. Dominique Moreau gave the 100% Pinot Noir four days on the skins here. Non-dosé. Disgorged: April 2015. (Galloni)
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Marie Courtin Champagne Indulgence Extra Brut Rose [2011] Champagne Blend NV Customer Reviews

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Winery Marie Courtin

Varietal: Champagne Blend

There are few areas in the world with a reputation quite as famous and respected as that of Champagne in France, and almost every wine region on earth has imitated or has been influenced by the careful process mastered by the wineries of Champagne. However, it is in the grape varietals which thrive in this region where the secrets to the Champagne's success can be found – the acidic, flavorful Chardonnay grapes meeting the characterful Pinot Noir varietal, and coming together to produce something wonderful in the bottle. There are actually seven varietals allowed by French wine law for the production of Champagne wines, all of which are used by wineries to accentuate each others finest points and maintain the reputation of this very special region, the home to some extremely high quality grapes.

Region: Champagne

There are very few wine regions in the world quite as famous as Champagne, and the sparkling white wines which are produced there are drank and enjoyed all over the globe as a result of their excellent quality, distinctive features and their association with grandeur and celebration. Wineries have been operating in the cool, damp north-easterly region of Champagne for hundreds of years, and over time have mastered the art of making the most of the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Petit Meunier grape varietals which grow there across the rolling hillsides and kept in the region's unique 'Champagne caves'. Most commonly, these three varietals are blended together to produce the sparkling white wine, but the popularity of single variety Champagne wines are on the increase.

Country: France

Year in, year out, France enjoys its prestigious reputation as the producer of the finest wines in the world. With a wine making history which spans several thousand years and owes its expertise to the Romans, it comes as little surprise that this most highly esteemed of the Old World wine countries continues to impress and enchant both novices and experts to this day. Despite the rise in quality of wines from neighboring European countries, not to mention the New World, the French wine industry continues to boom, with up to eight billion bottles being produced in recent years. However, France prides itself on always putting quality before quantity, and the wide range in fine produce is a testament to the dedication and knowledge of the wineries across the country. Indeed, from rich and complex reds to light and aromatic white wines, French wines are as varied and interesting as they are enjoyable to drink, making this country a firm favorite for wine lovers across the globe.