Martini & Rossi

Italian Sparkling Wine

About Martini & Rossi

Martini & Rossi was born of a partnership between two skilled men, Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi: Alessandro the spirited entrepreneur, Luigi the inspired master craftsmen. Together they shared a vision to produce a unique product that would represent the very best in Italian quality and style.

In the mid 1800’s the two men first came together in Turin working for a company specialising in the production and sale of wines, vermouth and liqueurs. Throughout this time they sort to create a new formulation for a smoother, more consistent style of aromatic wine. In 1863 they launched their masterpiece to global acclaim and the new company of Martini & Rossi came into being.

Determined to put Martini & Rossi on the world stage Luigi and Alessandro competed in all the great International Expositions of their day. At that time the only true test of quality.

Success came almost immediately. In 1865 they took the Grand Prize in Dublin that set the path for unheralded success. By 1912 they had won 13 “Grand Prix” and taken over 40 gold medals in competitions across the world.

Martini & Rossi has always been a company infused with a pioneering spirit. From the very beginning Luigi and Alessandro were determined and passionate about taking Martini & Rossi across the world. The pioneering spirit of Alessandro Martini created a network of global ambassadors who took Martini & Rossi from Italy to New York, Brazil and beyond. By 1903 Martini & Rossi had become one of the most cosmopolitan drinks brands in the world, enjoyed and appreciated in over 70 countries globally.

Today, the Italian style, sophistication and taste of Martini & Rossi continues to attract many admirers and is enjoyed by fashionable celebrities in the world’s finest bars.

It is the charismatic drink of the truly stylish who know it as...

...the world’s most beautiful drink.