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Masseria Li Veli Fiano Torremossa 2020 750ml

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2021 2020
Straw yellow colour with greenish tints. Delightful aromas of lemon flower, acacia, white peach, mulberry. In the mouth it is sapid and full. Very soft on the palate with a mineral and saline finish.
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Masseria Li Veli Fiano Torremossa 2020 750ml

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green grapes

Varietal: Fiano

The Fiano grapes which are native to Campania have been grown and cultivated for white wine production for a remarkable length of time. Indeed, Fiano grapes are one of the true classical grapes of Italy, being a favorite of both the Romans and the ancient Greeks, who both prized the varietal for its strong and spicy flavors, resplendent with notes of dark honey and nuts. Fiano grapes also have a beautiful and delicate floral aroma, making them a particularly complex and fascinating grape varietal, favored by those looking for a white wine with real character and unique features. For the past couple of decades, wineries in the New World have begun experimenting with Fiano grapes, with considerable success. As such, more and more people are beginning to rediscover this ancient varietal, and the stunning flavors it carries.

Region: Puglia

Puglia is one of Italy's most fascinating and 'up and coming' wine regions, and is full of traditional wineries keen to prove to the world that the produce of southern Italy can more than match that which comes from the central and northern regions of the country. Puglian wines are quite unique; they are generally big, bold and boisterous when it comes to flavor and structure, and are packed full of complex, dark and interesting notes, making them fascinating to taste and explore. Puglia itself is a beautiful wine region, and the volcanic soils and blazing sunshine of the Mediterranean coast is something of an ideal environment for viticulture. As such, Puglia is a region to keep a close eye on in the near future, should you wish to sample the best of Italy's latest, most exciting wines.

Country: Italy

For several decades in the mid to late twentieth century, Italy's reputation for quality wines took a fairly serious blow. This was brought about partly due to lack of regulation in certain regions, and too much regulation in others. This led to several wineries in the beautiful and highly fertile region of Tuscany making the bold move to work outside of the law, which they saw as responsible for the drop in quality in Tuscan wines. They believed that they had the expertise and the generations of experience necessary with which to make truly excellent, world class wines, and set about doing just that. These 'Super Tuscans', as they came to be known, quickly inspired the rest of Italy to improve their produce, and now, Italian wine producers in the twenty-first century are widely recognised to be amongst the best in the world. Regulation and law began to change, and wine drinkers across the globe woke up to the outstanding wines coming out of Italy, which are continuing to improve and impress to this day.