Matsu El Viejo 2014 750ml
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Matsu El Viejo Tempranillo 2014

Toro - Castilla Y Leon - Spain

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Rated 90 by Robert Parker
Somehow balsamic and more nuanced, the 2014 El Viejo still keeps the approachable and easy to understand profile of the rest of the line up, with a nice combination of ripe fruit without excess and measured oak. It matured in oak barrels for 16 months. It's still powerful (15% alcohol) with some grainy tannins and moderate acidity, with sweet fruit. Pleasant, but a bit expensive for what it is.
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90 Robert Parker

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Additional Information on Matsu El Viejo Tempranillo 2014

Winery Matsu

Varietal: Tempranillo

The wines made from the Tempranillo grape varietal have gone down in history as being some of the finest in the world, with the Spanish region of Riot being one of the most famed and respected examples of a quality red wine made with this grape. Elsewhere in the world, the Tempranillo grape has had plenty of success, and grows best in regions with a mixture of hot sunshine and cooling breezes. These grapes hold plenty of intense and interesting flavors, and are often said to hold many of the most sought after flavors to be found in a red wine. Leather, tobacco, plums and herbs are often noted in wines made with Tempranillo grapes, and the blended wines made with this varietal are often seen at the top of world rankings.

Region: Castilla Y Leon

The ancient, arid and beautiful region of Castilla y Leon is the largest in Spain, and amongst the largest single 'regions' in any country of Europe. It has been famed throughout the centuries for its architecture, its people, its art and literature, and not least for its characterful and flavorful wines, which capture the beating heart and passion of Spain and Spanish culture. Castilla y Leon is essentially a vast plateau, and is extremely dry, with a poor soil structure which one might think would make viticulture difficult, if not impossible. However, Castilla y Leon has plenty of native grape varietals which are able to stretch their roots deep underground, to tap into the moisture and minerals which can be found there.

Country: Spain

Spanish wines are renowned world-wide for carrying all the passion and character of the Spanish culture within them. Any lover of Spanish wine would undoubtedly be able to confirm this notion, as the variety and range of flavors and aromas coming from the high end of Spanish produce is truly impressive, and continues to delight and fascinate both newcomers and the more experienced. Spain benefits massively from an ideal climate for wine production and vine cultivation, with its long, scorching hot summers and far reaching oceanic breezes working perfectly with the native and imported grape varietals, which thrive on the mineral rich soils that cover much of the country. With centuries of knowledge, and generations of expertise under their belts, Spanish wineries continue to focus on raising the quality of their nation's wines, helped along the way by relatively new laws and regulations regarding regional excellence and representativeness.