Meet Josh

Josh Hiebel
Joshua Hiebel
Founder and Owner
Domestic and Imported Wine Specialist Certified Specialist of Spirits with the Society of Wine Educators

Joshua started Saratoga Wine Exchange in 1996 serving customers from a brick and mortar location in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY. Sixteen years later, the company expanded and moved to a larger space in Ballston Lake, NY, increasing its warehouse space to house the company’s ever-growing inventory of wine and spirits. The company has grown tenfold under Josh’s leadership and he continues to be the driving force behind the success and growth at Saratoga Wine Exchange and the technological innovations behind saratogawine.com.

Josh launched saratogawine.com in 1999 to move the company into the digital age and take advantage of the burgeoning online retail environment. He was the first to introduce a just-in-time inventory model and custom built one of the most powerful sales data tools in the wine/spirits field, which is scalable to other industries. Saratogawine.com’s digital experience is customer-centric, and the site now includes a database of more than 220,000 unique items with images and reviews. Most recently, Josh launched a new e-commerce option for Pre-arrival sales. Customers can order wine months in advance, before it hits the normal retail supply chain in the US.

Early on, Josh created the corporate motto, "Great wine, better prices, delivered right to your door,” and the company still stands by this today.

“I love the wine industry. I sell a product that changes every vintage, so it is a constant task to keep up with trends in the industry, consumer buying habits and wine regions around the world that change every year because of weather, new wine makers and the world economy.”