The Michel Gassier winery is a beautiful example of what the southern French do best: take high quality grapes, ripened under a Mediterranean sun and tempered by the cool sea breezes, and ferment these into characterful and fascinating wines which express the finest, unique features of their terroir. Michel Gassier is now in its fourth generation of winemakers, and the past century has seen their wines grow from strength to strength, and their connection with their ancestral home grow ever deeper. The Gassiers of today are keen to express the idea that their wines are an uncomplicated, direct link between the bottle and the land, and that their techniques and beliefs help cement this bond which makes the experience of drinking their wines so special.

Michel Gassier is an organic winery, and since converting to organic farming, Michel Gassier claims the level of expression present in their wines has increased dramatically. For the winemakers here, in Costieres de Nimes (the southernmost vineyards in the Rhone Valley), organic farming is not merely a fad or an advertising ploy - it is the secret to their success and the reason why their wines maintain so much of their terroir in the glass. By taking the ‘less is more’ route of reduced intervention and the avoidance of chemical interference in their farming methods, they can put their faith in the beautiful climatic conditions the Rhone Valley enjoys, and in their heritage vines and the fruit they bear. The vineyards are to be found in an ancient glacial valley, which has a fascinating mix of soil types and features. However, it is the closeness to the coast, and the moderating effects of the sea breezes which allows the fruit at Michel Gassier’s vineyards to reach a full level of ripeness, and maintain the purity and freshness they require.

The wines of Michel Gassier tend to be fine, blended red and white wines, made from varietals which vary from vintage to vintage. Natural processes are part and parcel of the winemaking practices here, including hand picking, using natural, wild yeasts, and avoiding unnecessary filtration.