Provence is one of the quintessential French wine regions. An impossibly beautiful landscape, made up of patchworks of lavender fields and quality vineyards covers the region, Provence is as renowned for the finesse of its food as it is for its gentle and fascinating wines. This is the land of the good life, where vintners bask in the glorious sunshine and slowly produce their wines in picture-postcard wineries, and it is here we find the winery of Miraval, which has found great success over the past few years. The winery itself is tucked away, hidden from the world in a private valley and surrounded by olive groves and lush vegetation. The vineyards are fed by crystal-clear natural springs, bringing a beautiful minerality to the soils and to the grapes which grow there - no wonder Miraval wines are quickly becoming recognized as some of the finest rose wines to be found in Provence today.

The winery is one which honors the traditions of Provence. Grapes are hand picked to ensure maximum quality, and expression of terroir is the ultimate aim of the grape growers and vintners who work here. Mineral rich clay and chalk soils cover the ancient, stepped vineyards which are placed at an elevation of 350 meters, and the warm, sunny climate leads to full maturation and ripeness of the grapes which grow so well in them. Organic methods are employed at Miraval in a nod to the simplicity and expression of times gone past, and the vintners firmly believe that a philosophy of absolute minimum intervention is the key to complete expression of terroir in the bottle.

In recent years, Miraval has been boosted internationally by the presence of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who use the chateau as their summer retreat. They’ve purchased some of the land owned by the winery, and have released their own rose wine to high critical acclaim. The winery is no stranger to stardom, though - they also run a recording studio on the estate, which has been used by many of the world’s leading pop stars and rock bands over the years.