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Rated 94 - Elegant aromas of warm brioche and toasted almond rise from the glass. What follows on the palate is a...
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Rated 92 - The minerally undertow imparts a subtle, smoky note that blends with flavors of dried pineapple, biscuit,...
Moet & Chandon Champagnes

French Champagne, Rheims

About Moet & Chandon Champagne

Moet & Chandon Champagnes

The success of Moet & Chandon champagnes is the result of the talent of its winegrowers and strict control at every stage of production, from cultivating the vines to ageing the wine. Moet & Chandon operates some 543 hectares of vineyards, cultivated and maintained by 250 winegrowers. A single hectare requires more than 750 hours of meticulous care. For over two centuries Moet & Chandon has been the leading winegrower in the champagne region. It is also the largest purchaser of grapes. In this way, the company ensures the widest possible selection of growths to reflect all the nuances of champagne’s soil and climate.

The Moet & Chandon vineyards are renowned for their quality as well as for their diversity : 25 of the 41 Premiers Crus and 13 of the 17 Grands Crus are part of company’s heritage. The longstanding, close-knit and demanding relationship between the champagne vineyards and the Moet & Chandon winegrowers ensures the consistency and balance of a unique style appreciated throughout the world.

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Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon

An intensely flavored champagne, displaying tropical fruit, berry and citrus aromas and flavors enmeshed in finely woven texture, ending with an aftertaste of dried fruit. Good firm structure lends support.

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial

Brut Imperial is a balanced assemblage of the three vine varieties disclosing a succession of elegant and harmonious sensations, a fresh maturity, supple and refined lines, inspiring well-being and an emotion which is appreciated and shared.

Moet & Chandon Brut 1er Cru

Brut 1er Cru is a pure, lively wine. The assemblage relies on the brilliance of grapes from «Premier Cru» vineyards, which in particular emphasises the essential nature of the Chardonnay vine variety. This wine, which is crystalline and floral, is clear-cut, demanding and daring.

Moet & Chandon Brut Rosé

Brut Rose is a seductive wine : the assemblage, which is formed around Pinot Noir, is both spontaneous and balanced, emphasizing fruity liveliness. It is zestful, with great suppleness. The assemblage with red wine also gives it feminine, coppery shades.

Moet & Chandon Reserve Imperiale

Reserve Imperiale, with a structure based on the full-bodied characater of the Pinot Noir, is ideal to accompany a meal. The assemblage draws on a selection of our best reserve wines. It is a clear-cut almost virile champagne, with a classical density, in the great champagne-making traditions.

Moet & Chandon White Star

White Star, a balanced blend of the three vine varieties, reveals a harmonious succession of sensations, a soft maturity, elegant lines, offering you sensations which can be shared and celebrated at any time.

Moet & Chandon Dry Imperial

Dry Impérial is the gastronome’s new champagne, the fruitiness and vivacity accompanying and prolonging the smoothness. A dosage below that of a Demi-Sec cuvée enables the assemblage to reveal its fruity brilliance built around Pinot Noir.

Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial

Nectar Impérial is a champagne to please the senses. The assemblage is built around the structure of the Pinot Noir : supple and smooth. Nectar Impérial is both a refined and sophisticated wine whose richness turns into sensuality