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Montsecano Red Blend Migrante 2018 750ml

A blend of 70% Malbec from Maipo Bajo, a zone near Casablanca (hence the name "migrant") and 30% Pinot Noir from Casablanca. It is made just like the Refugio, using native yeasts in concrete eggs. Floral and expressive.
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Montsecano Red Blend Migrante 2018 750ml

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Rated 95 - According to Julio Donoso, the 2018 Montsecano, the first vintage vinified by Derain, "continues the...
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From the Refugio vineyard, a 6-acre plot planted in 2006 at an altitude of 820 feet in granitic soils and farmed...
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Winery Montsecano

Country: Chile

When the wealthy new landowners of the 19th century began planting large vineyards in the fertile central valleys of Chile, they must have been impressed at how successful the imported Old World grape varietals took to the land. However, such a fact is hardly surprising; with eight months of blazing sunshine coupled with oceanic winds from the west, and crystal clear spring waters from the Andes irrigating the soil, grapes such as Malbec, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon were given everything they needed to flourish, and more. As the centuries passed, Chilean wineries continued to expand and experiment, resulting in a wide range of wine production methods and techniques, and consistently producing fine quality wines perfect for the international market. Nowadays, Chile is renowned for producing a wide variety of crisp white wines, and juicy, fruity reds enjoyed around the world for their drinkability and flavorful character, making this country very much one of the 'New World', albeit one with a fascinating link to the Old.