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Neversink Bourbon Whiskey Select NV 750ml

United States
New York
Neversink Select – Bourbon Finished in Apple Apéritif Casks – is the marriage of a wheated bourbon finished in casks previously used to age Apple Apéritif; Neversink’s spin on the French classic, Pommeau. The Apple Apéritif, being a blend of cider and brandy, combines the best of both worlds: the concentrated apple flavors found in brandy and the fresh and tannic apple character that comes from the heirloom cider. The wheated bourbon is a perfect canvas for apple highlights found in the aperitif cask. The mellow complexities of wheat meet spice and vanilla from the new American oak and are rounded out for a fuller bodied spirit by the Apéritif. A hint of sweetness closes out every perfect sip.
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Neversink Bourbon Whiskey Select NV 750ml

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Producer Neversink

Region: New York

Whilst not as well known as certain other United States wine regions, the wines of New York state have plenty to offer, and are packed full of unique characteristics which are gaining popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. New York state enjoys a fine climate for the growing of certain Old World grape varietals – notably those from Germany and central France - and boasts a fine array of excellent hybrid grapes ideal for the cooler, damper weather the state receives. New York state also has a wine heritage which stretches back several hundred years, and certain regions within the area can be traced back to the original Dutch settlers from the 17th century. This mixture of history and innovation still effects the wine production which characterizes the region today, where you'll find traditional wine-making techniques sitting comfortably alongside modern technologies and palates.

Country: United States

Of all the New World wine countries, perhaps the one which has demonstrated the most flair for producing high quality wines - using a combination of traditional and forward-thinking contemporary methods - has been the United States of America. For the past couple of centuries, the United States has set about transforming much of its suitable land into vast vineyards, capable of supporting a wide variety of world-class grape varietals which thrive on both the Atlantic and the Pacific coastlines. Of course, we immediately think of sun-drenched California in regards to American wines, with its enormous vineyards responsible for the New World's finest examples of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot based wines, but many other states have taken to viticulture in a big way, with impressive results. Oregon, Washington State and New York have all developed sophisticated and technologically advanced wine cultures of their own, and the output of U.S wineries is increasing each year as more and more people are converted to their produce.