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France’s Rhone Valley is a region of two distinct parts - the north, and the south. In each of these sub-regions, winemaking and viticulture has been at the heart of the land, with dedicated vintners honing their craft and forming the pristine reputation the area enjoys for over a thousand years. While most wineries are firmly focused on either northern or southern Rhone wine production, Maison Nicolas Perrin straddles the borders, making wines on both sides of the valley. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Maison Nicolas Perrin has been tirelessly working in several appellations and villages across this very special part of France, using the native grape varietals which thrive there to produce wines which are the very essence of the region.

Nicolas Perrin was formed by two families, one from the northern Rhone, and one from the southern. In the north, Nicolas Jaboulet had been working in his vineyards which criss-cross the slopes of the famed Hermitage appellation, while in the south, the Perrin family were focusing their efforts in and around the prestigious Chateauneuf du Pape appellations, producing the characterful and complex blended wines for which it is famed worldwide. The two sides of the Rhone coming together in this union of talented winemakers was to redefine what Rhone wines could be, and success followed success over the following decades.

A great deal of Nicolas Perrin’s output is focused on Syrah, the fine grape varietal which has its spiritual home in the Rhone Valley. The winery commits itself to produce wines which aim for complete and fascinating expression of their varied terroir, taking the best of the slopes of the Rhone and allowing their grapes to do their work as nature intended. Viognier, too, is well represented - another native Rhone varietal - and is used in the winery’s signature Syrah-Viognier blends.