Niepoort Batuta Douro Tinto 2016 750ml
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Niepoort Batuta Douro Tinto 2016

Douro - Portugal

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Rated 95 by Wine Advocate
The 2016 Batuta is a field blend from old vines aged for 20 months in 15% new French barriques. It comes in at just 13% alcohol. Not quite bottled when seen but the final blend and out of cask, this seems more intense than the typical young Batuta. Of course, it's very elegant, fresh and lively—that's the norm (this is always a bottling that can be a little understated, sometimes to a fault). In terms of concentration, it still is well on the elegant side, but in terms of power there may be a little more than normal this year. Maybe it's just young and in an odd place. I suspect it will still be approachable young, as most of Niepoort's wines are—which doesn't mean they are ready or that they won't gracefully age. It looks like a fine vintage.

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Winery Niepoort

Region: Douro

From their beautifully rich Bordeaux style wines, to their famous fortified wines, the wineries of Douro in Portugal have long been recognized as being amongst the finest of the Old World. For over two thousand years, Douro has been an important center of fine wine production, and it isn't difficult to see why the earliest attempts at viticulture led to an ever expanding wine industry in the region. The beautiful Douro river provides the vineyards with all the moisture and nutrients they need in order to grow fruit of real character and flavor, and the long, baking hot summers help ripen the grapes and intensify their juices. Today, Douro wines are popular all over the world, and wineries are producing more bottles than ever before to keep up with demand. Although the region is still most famous for the fortified wines of Porto, the still wines have centuries of tradition, and a whole set of distinctive flavors and characteristics that simply cannot be ignored.

Country: Portugal

Most of us are quick to associate Portugal primarily with the excellent fortified wines which come out of the Porto area, but there is much more to Portuguese viticulture than just this. Perhaps the most popular still wines the country produces are the varieties from the Vinho Verde region, which uses grapes that do not achieve high doses of sugar, meaning the wines are at their best when young and full of natural, springy fruit flavors The wines of the Douro region have undergone many transformations in their flavor and character over the centuries; once regarded as a bitter wine, the exporters experimented with fortifying the wine with brandy. After several centuries, vintners found a balance in the modern age which is at once reminiscent of Port wine, yet with the structure and character closer to other fine Portuguese wines. Thanks to the appellation system of Portugal and the strict laws governing wine production, Portuguese wines continue to maintain their reputation for quality and the distinctive characteristics they carry.