Niepoort Colheita Port 1997 750ml
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Niepoort Colheita Port 1997

Porto - Porto - Portugal

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Rated 97 by James Suckling
What a vivid and fascinating wood port with delicate caramel, honey, dried fruit and cedar character. Medium body, yet dense and silky. Bright. Hints of tannins. This is a wonderful colheita that will improve with age as well. Bottled in 2016. Drink or hold. (Suckling)
Rated 93 by Wine Advocate
The 1997 Colheita Tawny Port was bottled in 2016 with a long cork. Delectable, but wonderfully refined and elegant, this is--roughly--a 20 year tawny that doesn't hit you over the head with power and depth, but has complexity and length to spare. The molasses on the finish, with just a hint of treacle, gives this layers and intensity of flavor, but it always seems youthful, too--sometimes, more so than the 2005 bottling reviewed this issue. Going less for the "big bang" and more for silky sensuality, this is one to linger with and contemplate. It's lovely as well as lively. Pricing was not available as of this writing.

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I'm sorry, forget the 93 rating on this.

I've been drinking Colheita Tawny Ports for over 20 years since I first discovered them. There is a common, distinguishing, delicious characteristic of these Ports--a raisiny, nutty, woody, deep, complex character which defies description, but which is unique to vintage *Colheita* tawny ports (i.e. the grapes are of the same vintage, not a blend of many years "for consistency").

Sadly this unique quality is utterly lacking in this Port and I'm glad I only bought a few bottles to try. If you want to know what I'm talking about, try Feist or Feuerheerd's Colheita Ports.

The Niepoort retains far too much of the "soda-pop-like" Ruby Port quality (OK, I admit, I don't like Ruby Port--I find it thin-bodied, too fruity, too sweet and with no complexity).

I'm actually shocked to be writing this, given the high rating this port gets, but if you like Colheita Tawny Ports, you will probably regret buying this, especially given the price.

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Winery Niepoort

Region: Porto

The ancient city of Porto, capital of Portugal, has a wine history which stretches back over the millennia, and helped shape the world of wines as we know it today. Sailors and explorers leaving Porto helped introduce grapevines to the New World in the 16th century, and thanks to the vast variety of vines which grow around Porto, they had plenty of varietals to choose from. Indeed, over a hundred grape varietals are permitted by law for use in Porto's famous Port wines, although only five are commonly grown and processed in the impressive and historic Port wineries. The Douro river valley which Porto's finest vineyards are situated in is in fact one of the oldest protected wine regions in the world, and thanks to its mineral rich soils and wonderful climate, is widely regarded as one of the world's most ideal locations for viticulture.

Country: Portugal

Most of us are quick to associate Portugal primarily with the excellent fortified wines which come out of the Porto area, but there is much more to Portuguese viticulture than just this. Perhaps the most popular still wines the country produces are the varieties from the Vinho Verde region, which uses grapes that do not achieve high doses of sugar, meaning the wines are at their best when young and full of natural, springy fruit flavors The wines of the Douro region have undergone many transformations in their flavor and character over the centuries; once regarded as a bitter wine, the exporters experimented with fortifying the wine with brandy. After several centuries, vintners found a balance in the modern age which is at once reminiscent of Port wine, yet with the structure and character closer to other fine Portuguese wines. Thanks to the appellation system of Portugal and the strict laws governing wine production, Portuguese wines continue to maintain their reputation for quality and the distinctive characteristics they carry.