Orphan Barrel Distilling Entrapment Whiskey 25 Year  750ml
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Orphan Barrel Distilling Entrapment Whiskey 25 Year


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Entrapment is the 11th release in the Orphan Barrel series. This one came not from America, but from Diageo’s distillery in Gimli, Manitoba the home of Crown Royal, the best selling Canadian Whisky in the US market and a favorite in Texas as well. It was distilled and aged near the banks of Lake Winnipeg, the 11th largest fresh water lake in the world at the Diageo owned distillery. As last year’s Whoop & Holler was essentially a 28 year old George Dickel, think of Entrapment as a 25 Year Old Crown Royal. The look is a very beautiful medium brown with a strong copper tint. The highlights is of very bright polished copper, while the legs were eventually prolific and thin. They are initially reluctant to come down, and then suddenly formed and rushed to the bottom of the glass. The nose is somewhere between subtle and medium in intensity. It doesn't rush out to greet, but is readily available nonetheless. There are notes of toasted oak, a faint aroma of walnut and vanilla over some light toffee.

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Producer Orphan Barrel Distilling

Country: Canada

For over two hundred years, Canada has been home to several well established wineries producing unique and characterful wines from the grape varietals which flourish in the colder climate which typifies the country's wine producing regions. Most of Canada's wines are produced in British Columbia and in Ontario, where the climatic conditions are more suitable for viticulture, although you can also find successful wineries in many other regions of the country, most notably in southern Quebec and around the shores of Lake Erie. Canada is most well known for its production of ice wine, which is usually a sweet wine made from grapes which have frozen on the vine. However, the past decade has seen Canadian vintners expand their repertoire and begin experimenting with many other wine styles, and incorporating less commonly used grape varietals.