Parparoussis Gift Of Dionysos Barrel Fermented 2010 750ml
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Parparoussis Gift Of Dionysos Barrel Fermented White Blend 2010

Achaia - Peloponnese - Greece

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Rated 88 by Robert Parker
The 2010 The Gift Of Dionysos Barrel Fermented is not to be confused with the "regular" Gift of Dionysos, which is all Sideritis. (I'm told by Erifili Parparoussis that the confusing labeling will soon change.) This is a blend of 75% Assyrtiko and 25% Athiri. About 40% of the juice was aged for 12 months in a mixture of new and used French oak. Fresh and friendly, this medium-bodied wine lacks some tension at this age, but there are no hints of decay and oxidation. A touch sedate, it finishes with controlled oak. This should continue holding, but there is no particular reason to do so. Dive in.
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88 Robert Parker

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Winery Parparoussis

Vintage: 2010

2010 saw extremely high quality viticulture in many parts of the world, with an exceptionally long and hot summer providing huge benefits for wineries across many countries, especially in the southern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere and Europe saw something of a cooler summer and flowering period, but this was by no means as disastrous as it could have been. France, especially, had a fantastic year in 2010, with the world renowned Burgundy region proclaiming that their white wines of this year are ones to look out for, and despite yields being relatively small across much of the country, the quality was exceptionally high. Spain, too, received some cooler weather, but Rioja and the rest of central Spain are hailing 2010 as a very good year indeed, again as a result of smaller, finer yields. California also received similar climatic conditions, but again, wineries are highly positive about the overall effect this had on their produce, as the slightly challenging conditions resulted in smaller yields of much elegance and distinction. 2010 was really Australia's year, and in South Australia and across the Mornington Peninsula, Chardonnay vines produced good yields with a lower sugar level than in previous years. As such, the majority of South Australian white wines from 2010 are superb, and packed full of character. Shiraz also had a great year, and most Australian wineries have been proclaiming 2010 one of the great vintages. Both the Argentinian and Chilean wine industries benefited from some ideal climatic conditions this year, and are reportedly ecstatically pleased with the fact that their 2010 wines ended up with lower alcohol levels, and were beautifully balanced wines packed full of flavor.

Country: Greece

It is almost impossible to understate the importance of local and regionally produced wines in Greek culture. Across the country, from the cities of the mainland to the villages, mountainous regions and islands, wine is produced using traditional methods and native grape varietals, and is drank in households and taverns, either accompanying the much loved local cuisine or alone as a refreshment under the blazing Mediterranean sunshine. For wine lovers around the world, Greece is known for producing several wines with something unique and interesting to offer, a refreshing change from the norm filled with surprises and complex, occasionally challenging or unusual flavors and aromas. Thanks to the vast range in terrain across the archipelago, Greek wine is as varied as it is delicious, meaning there is plenty to explore and enjoy from this fascinating and ancient country.