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California Wine, Sonoma County

About Peay Vineyards

Peay Vineyards is located in the far northwestern corner of Sonoma County approximately 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean near Sea Ranch. The vineyard is situated along the coast, but not on the very first ridge. We have a partially obstructed avenue formed by the Wheatfield Fork of the Gualala River that allows for some fog and copious cool air penetration. The vineyard sits on a hilltop that is not way up in the air, but just at the top of the fog level, low enough to be very cool, but high enough not to be too cool and wet to grow grapes. We think it is the perfect combination of climatological factors. That is why we produce superior fruit. Due to the cool climate we have a long growing season with moderate temperatures ideal for maximizing the production of intense flavors and phenolic compounds that result in complex wines. And we will always have plenty of acid to provide structure. At Peay Vineyards No flabby, overripe wines here. .


    Pinot noir: We grow 33 acres of Pinot noir comprised of more than 9 selections of Dijon clones as well as heritage selections. These were extensively evaluated and selected to produce fruit with distinct varietal expressions. The variety of clones enables us to blend for enhanced complexity or to bottle separately to express a unique profile.
    Syrah: We grow 6 clones of Syrah across 8 acres on the top of the knoll. On the top of the knoll the Syrah soaks in sunlight and stares down the afternoon breezes that blow in every day like the afternoon mail.
    Chardonnay: The five clones of Chardonnay sit in a cool 5-acre lot in the lower southwest portion of the vineyard. The cool mornings and short afternoons account for the rich, mineral backbone and finesse of our Chardonnay
    Viognier: We grow only one acre of Viognier next to the Syrah on the southeast facing portion of the knoll taking in the morning sun and ducking the afternoon wind.
    Roussanne/Marsanne: Our Rousanne and Marsanne are comprised of 0.4 acres of Roussanne and 0.2 acres of Marsanne are tucked in between blocks of Viognier, Syrah and a little Calera clone Pinot noir. Roussanne is a very late ripening variety and has tight clusters that ensure every October and November we will pace the rows praying for browner seeds, looser pith and other signs of ripeness before the rains come.

A FEW QUICK FACT * Peay Vineyards is a first-generation family winery. Husband and wife, Nick Peay & Vanessa Wong, grow and make the wine and brother, Andy Peay, and his wife Ami, sell the wine and run the business. * All wines are made from grapes grown on our 53-acre estate vineyard located above a river gorge in the far northwestern corner of the Sonoma Coast, 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean at Sea Ranch. We sit in the chilly inversion layer with fog and wind from the Ocean maintaining cool temperatures with plenty of sunlight. *We grow: 35 acres of Pinot noir and make 3 estate wines: Scallop Shelf, Pomarium, and The Estate 8 acres of Syrah and make 2 estate wines: La Bruma and Les Titans 7 acres of Chardonnay and make 1 Chardonnay, The Estate 1.8 acres of Viognier and make 1 Viognier, The Estate 0.4 acres of Roussanne and 0.2 acres of Marsanne and make an Estate blend * Winemaker Vanessa Wong left her position as winemaker at Peter Michael Winery in 2001 to launch Peay Vineyards. Formerly she worked at Ch√Ęteau Lafite-Rothschild, Domaine Jean Gros and Hirsch Winery. * We sell fruit to 2 wineries: Williams Selyem and Failla Winery. * Nick, a UC Davis-trained and veteran Santa Cruz mountains winemaker, is the vineyard manager and works side-by-side with our full-time crew of 8 workers. * We farm organically and maintain our licenses for fish friendly farming and integrated pest management. The health of our vineyard dictates these approaches to farming and making wine. We also run on bio-diesel at the vineyard and solar power at both the vineyard and winery. Why not? * The vineyard and winery are not a family heritage; they are the result of our combined 45 years working in the wine industry. We started it from scratch and have dedicated our lives to it. Wine is our work and our passion..

Peay Vineyards