Pepi Winery

California Wine, Napa Valley

About Pepi Vineyard Wine

Pepi Winery is an innovator in the quality production of Italian varietals in California. We are well-known for crafting the quintessential California Sangiovese, stellar Sauvignon Blanc, and crisp Pinot Grigio. At Pepi Winery, Chris Johnson, winemaker is committed to using environmentally sound vineyard practices along with an unpretentious style of winemaking to create everyday wines with intensity and focus.

Pepi Winery Two Heart Sauvignon Blanc

Aromas of grapefruit, melon, and gooseberry. The oak is well integrated, giving it a full and complete finish.

Pepi Winery Willamette Valley Pinot Grigio

This is a wonderful food wine - bright fruit, creamy yet crisp on the palate with melon aromas and pleasant lavender herbal notes, highlighted by a long, layered finish.

Pepi Winery Pepi Barbera

Native to the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, Barbera has been established successfully in California's coastal and foothill regions since the late 19th Century. Barbera's fruitiness, low tannins and crisp acidity make it a versatile match for all types of cuisine.

Pepi Winery Chardonnay

Tropical fruit flavors, fresh and crisp on the palette, this wine is a perfect complement to grilled seafood and countless other dishes.

Pepi Winery Colline di Sassi

The spiciness of the Sangiovese is starkly evident, while the richness of the Cabernet makes itself known with a full, mouthfilling body.