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Pico Maccario Barbera D'asti Superiore Tre Roveri 2019 750ml

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Rated 89 by Wine Spectator
On the earthy side, offsetting the loamy clay note with plum and oak spice flavors. Shows significant tannins that will require a year or 2 to soften. Best from 2024 through 2029. 4,100 cases made, 100 cases imported. ... More details
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Pico Maccario Barbera D'asti Superiore Tre Roveri 2019 750ml

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Pale pink with orange reflections. Intense, full, with relevant freshness and flowery notes. Smooth, well balanced...
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Winery Pico Maccario
green grapes

Varietal: Barbera

The rising popularity of the Barbera grape varietal has prompted wineries all over its native Italy and elsewhere in the world to up their production of wines made with this particular flavorful red grape. It seems the relatively light body (due to mild tannins from thin skins) and high acid content sits well with contemporary tastes, and the intense hedgerow berry flavor in the young wines made from this varietal are an excellent pair for many different foods. Thankfully for the vintners growing these vines, this particular varietal is extremely vigorous and grows well on many different terrains, so long as it has plenty of exposure to heat and sunshine and can be harvested early enough to make the most of its excellent and unique characteristics.

Region: Piedmont

The beautiful region of Piedmont in the north west of Italy is responsible for producing many of Europe's finest red wines. Famous appellations such as Barolo and Barbaresco are the envy of wine-makers all over the world, and attract plenty of tourism as a result of their traditional techniques and the stunning setting they lie in. The region has a similar summer climate to nearby French regions such as Bordeaux, but the rest of their year is considerably colder, and far drier as a result of the rain shadow cast by the Alps. The wineries which cover much of Piedmont have, over many generations, mastered how to make the most of the Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera grapes which thrive here, and nowadays are beginning to experimenting with many imported varietals to increase the region's range and meet international demand.

Country: Italy

It isn't difficult to understand why Italy is famed not just for the quality of its wines, but also for the vast variety and range of characteristics found in the wines there. The terrain of the country varies wildly, from the lush rolling green hills and valley of Tuscany, to the sun drenched rocky coasts of Sicily, the mountainous and alpine regions of the north, and the marshy lowlands of the east. Italy really does have a little bit of everything. Combine this huge range of landscapes with an almost perfect climate for grape cultivation, and you have a country seemingly designed for viticultural excellence. The results speak for themselves, and it is clear to see that wine has become an inseparable part of Italian culture as a result of its abundance and brilliance. Each village, city and region has a local wine perfectly matched with the cuisine of the area, and not an evening passes without the vast majority of Italian families raising a glass of locally sourced wine with pride and pleasure.