Pierde Almas Mezcal Conejo  750ml
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Pierde Almas Conejo Mezcal


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Over the course of more than four centuries, in rustic stills dotting the countryside of Southern Mexico, the lore of handcrafting fine Mezcal has been handed down from father to son, to grandson. Behind each bottle of Pierde Almas is a time- honored recipe kept alive for generations with humility and painstaking care. From the old masters - the Maestros Mezcaleros - Pierde Almas brings you rare, 100% artisan-made Mezcals, crafted using methods that have remained unchanged since the end of 16th Century. We still bake our Agave hearts for up to ten days in earthen ovens. We still mill them under a great stone wheel drawn by horses. Fermentation - even in these impatient times - is slow, careful and chemical-free. Distillation takes place in a wood-fired, serpentine copper alembic whose design hasn’t changed appreciably since when the Moors occupied the Spanish Peninsula.

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