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Polugar Vodka No 1 Rye & Wheat 750ml

**** - Perfect purity; limpid and clean. Smelling this aroma right after the Wheat and the Rye makes the case that blending might be the way to go...
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Polugar Vodka No 2 Garlic & Pepper 750ml

***** - I notice low-level sediment in the core, but hardly enough to be detrimental to the otherwise transparent appearance. As someone who...
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Polugar Vodka Wheat 750ml

***** - Crystalline appearance; silvery transparent; very minor sediment – inconsequential. Oh man, the assertive breakfast cereal (Wheaties)...
The history of vodka is a long and proud one, and one which immediately brings to mind the glories of imperial Russia. Polugar is a vodka distillery committed to upholding the finest traditions of vodka distillation, and one which uses only the highest qu