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Prisma Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Prisma Sauvignon Blanc 2019 750ml
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VarietalSauvignon Blanc

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Winery Prisma

Country: Chile

When considering the rich and fertile central valleys of Chile, where we find most of the oldest, grandest and established wineries, it is difficult to imagine a more suited landscape for vineyard cultivation and wine production. Mineral rich soils, eight months of sunshine per year, oceanic winds and clear water running down the mountainsides – it is little wonder that the imported Old World grapes do so well here. Chile is renowned world-wide for producing highly drinkable wines, packed full of fruit-forward character and enjoyed young and fresh, as well as being home to more complex wines reminiscent of many Old World varieties. Whilst the Cabernet Sauvignon is widely regarded as being Chile's 'flagship' grape varietal, equally fine produce comes from Chardonnay grapes (indeed, the Sol de Sol Chardonnays are widely agreed to be amongst the New World's finest white wines) the plummy Merlot and silky, intense Pinot Noir.