The winery of Pulenta Estates is a fantastic example of what the Argentinians do so well - combine Latin American boldness and the unique features of their terroir, with old European expertise and reverence for technique and tradition. The Pulenta family are one which is well established in Argentina, and have been settled there for over a hundred years. They are one of the oldest wine producing families in Mendoza, the beautiful, high-altitude region of the country which has become synonymous with high quality, Argentine red wine. However, as with many Argentinian wine making families, they came over from Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century, seeking new opportunities and new lands in a new world, and brought the wine culture of the old country with them.

Pulenta Estates as is it today is run by the third generation of this family, headed by brothers Hugo and Eduardo, who took over in 2002 and set about overhauling many of the family business’s anachronisms with the vision of bringing it forward into the twenty first century. Their belief was that they should focus on small lots, low yields, and go for excellence in quality over quantity, with faith being put into the strengths that their vines show, and the grapes which are grown there. Their current vineyards date back to the 1980s, and are found in the beautiful villages of Alto Agrelo and Los Arboles, both in the shadow of the Andes, and both benefitting from the excellent soils and favorable climatic conditions for which Mendoza is famed.

Pulenta Estates is a single estate winery, and each vineyard is managed individually to take advantage of its unique properties in order for the fullest expression of terroir to be achieved. Hugo and Eduardo aim for elegance and finesse over fruit-forwardness, and full ripeness and complexity in their fruits.