Italy’s beautiful Piedmont region has long been associated with the country’s finest red wines. This cooler part of the country has, for over a thousand years, been home to some of the best examples of viticulture Italy has ever seen, and today, the region is dotted with historic wineries who combine tradition with modern methods in order to produce their distinctive, characterful Barolo and Barbaresco wines. One such winery is Roagna, who use their expertise over their fifteen hectares of prime Piedmont vineyards to do justice to their historic region. Roagna was founded as a Barbaresco winery in the 1950s, but quickly expanded to include Barolo in their output as the business grew due to the excellence of their output. Today, it is headed by Luca Roagna, the third generation of winemakers in this location, but coming from a much longer line of vintners. His family have always had wine in their blood, and the passion and dedication Luca shows is a testament to his heritage, and one which is evident in the award winning bottles he now produces.

Roagna’s success comes from the biodiversity of their vineyards, and the fact that many of their vines are now over a hundred years old. Luca Roagna believes firmly that in order to get the best results, he must put his faith in the natural capabilities of his fruit - they’ve been producing great grapes for a century, and they show no signs of stopping. Low intervention methods are commonplace in order to achieve maximum expression, and the climatic conditions which Piedmont is famous for offer real character and depth to the berries which grow in the misty hillsides across their land.

The range which Roagna offers is still dominated by the three Barbaresco crus they oversee - Paje, Crichet Paje and Paje Riserva - each one different and unique due to microclimatic conditions, slight variation in soil and biodiversity, and the age of the vines which grow there. Despite being a traditional winery, Roagna is not afraid to innovate in order to achieve stunning results. Recent years have seen the release of unique blends of Chardonnay and Nebbiolo wine, which have been received with great praise.