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Rocca Giovanni Barbera D'alba Pianromualdo 2019 750ml

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The aroma is intense and ample, with notes that remind one of rose pedals, blackberries and chocolate. The taste is full and equilibrated, slightly acidic and sapid, with a complex and persistent aftertaste that has delicate hints of toasted hazelnuts. Pleasantly bitter.
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Rocca Giovanni Barbera D'alba Pianromualdo 2019 750ml

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The aroma is intense and ample, with notes that remind one of rose pedals, blackberries and chocolate. The taste is...
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green grapes

Varietal: Barbera

Unusually for a grape grown in a hot climate, the Barbera grape varietal has a high acid content and remarkably light tannins, resulting in wines which are at once intense in flavor and light in body. This favorable combination has made it a popular grape for centuries in its native Italy, and changing international tastes have prompted it to become one of the most widely planted red grape varietals in the country. As a result of its growing popularity, many New World countries beginning to catch on and plant it where it can thrive and develop its unique characteristics. Barbera grapes are adored by wineries, as they are extremely vigorous and can produce high yields with little intervention, and are ideal for oak aging and for selling as young wines, packed with hedgerow fruit flavors.

Region: Piedmont

The beautiful region of Piedmont in the north west of Italy is responsible for producing many of Europe's finest red wines. Famous appellations such as Barolo and Barbaresco are the envy of wine-makers all over the world, and attract plenty of tourism as a result of their traditional techniques and the stunning setting they lie in. The region has a similar summer climate to nearby French regions such as Bordeaux, but the rest of their year is considerably colder, and far drier as a result of the rain shadow cast by the Alps. The wineries which cover much of Piedmont have, over many generations, mastered how to make the most of the Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera grapes which thrive here, and nowadays are beginning to experimenting with many imported varietals to increase the region's range and meet international demand.

Country: Italy

Italy is recognised as being one of the finest wine producing countries in the world, and it isn't difficult to see why. With a vast amount of land across the country used primarily for vineyard cultivation and wine production, each region of Italy manages to produce a wide range of excellent quality wines, each representative of the region it is produced in. Any lover of Italian wines will be able to tell you of the variety the country produces, from the deliciously astringent and alpine-fresh wines of the northern borders, to the deliciously jammy and fruit-forward wines of the south and the Italian islands. Regions such as Barolo are frequently compared with Bordeaux and Burgundy in France, as their oak aged red wines have all the complexity and earthy, spicy excellence of some of the finest wines in the world, and the sparkling wines of Asti and elsewhere in Italy can easily challenge and often exceed the high standards put forward by Champagne. Thanks to excellent terrain and climatic conditions, Italy has long since proven itself a major player in the world of wines, and long may this dedication to quality and excellence continue.