When it comes to Italian wines, the most celebrated and recognizable examples are surely those of Tuscany. Within the rolling green hillsides of Tuscany, we find the ever popular Chianti Classico region, where beautiful Sangiovese grapes are processed and aged to create the deeply enjoyable, ruby-red wines which bear the same name. Fattoria di Rodano is a perfect example of a historic Chianti Classico winery, where tradition and family-based practices have stretched back through the centuries, leading us to the characterful and world-famous wines which are made there today.

The estate on which we find Fattoria di Rodano is an extremely old one, and has been used for wine production since the mid sixteenth century, when Tuscany was the beating heart of the known world, and a centre for art, trade, science and civilization. For over five hundred years, this estate has stayed in the Pozzesi family, and today, Enrico Pozzesi, the heir of this impressive family tree, takes care of the winery and oversees the quintessential Chianti Classico wines which are made there. This is a man with wine in his blood, and the passion and dedication for upholding the traditions and continuing the expertise of his forefathers is present in every bottle.

The Rodano winery generally keeps things classic and to the point. Sangiovese grapes make up the majority of almost every blend, and the excellence of these grapes is due to the stunning terroir their vineyards are located on. Their principal vineyard, Viacosta, is a south-facing one, and gains maximum exposure to the beautiful Tuscan sunshine which ensures full ripeness and maximum expression. In recent years, Rodano has moved somewhat with the times, and has released a ‘Super Tuscan’ wine to great critical acclaim, which brings in a hearty quantity of Cabernet Sauvignon to add impressive body and structure to these complex and timeless wines.